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Soil enrichers and Organic Fertilisers

CBio is a sister company of CFish, who produce a world leading range of bio-stimulants using liquid seaweed and fish extracts.

From Europe to Central and South America, the United States to Asia and Africa, our products have been applied on agricultural cropland, golf courses and sports turf with great success.

Our bio-stimulants can be applied as a seed treatment, a foliar spray or in irrigation to allow the plant immediate activation of its metabolism to provide greater availability of improved nutrients.

CBio key benefits include...…..

  • Unique 12- hour turn around from raw material to finished product.

  • Free from Sodium Chloride residue.

  • Increases root mass by up to 40%.

  • Up to 50% increase in bacteria levels.

  • Can reduce the effects of nematode symptoms in grass.

  • Promotes seed germination. 

  • Cold extraction retains the bio-active molecules naturally present in our seaweed and fish products.

  • Our CBio range retain over 75% of the base material and all the natural key compounds are derived exclusively of natural origin.

  • Natural chelating properties.

  • CBio does not contain Sodium Chloride which optimises regulation & promotion of water absorption and flow making CBio a powerful osmoregulatory.

  • Fast effective absorption.

All CBio products are manufactured using precise methodology to ensure consistent results when applied to crops, as they are entirely natural & 100% water soluble our products can be safely used in conjunction with crop rotation and fertiliser programmes. 

For more information on our range of products click on the link and it will take you to our CBio website 

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